The Spicy Stew

Content Direction of The Spicy Stew

One of the core goals of The Spicy Stew is to pursue a wide variety of content. While I'm sure things will change in the future, I wanted to provide some sort of list of ideas to give some context to the direction of the site.

Research and Analysis

This is the Stew's meat and potatoes. The wave of snowflake ironmen has opened the door on a huge amount of dead, forgotten and unused content. We want to dive into their world, and see if we can help out by doing some research. On the flipside, many of these accounts have uncovered dead content that may deserve another look by the general playerbase. Either way, we'll cover it in a blog post and somebody wins.

Research and Analysis can really be anything related to the (non-social) components of OSRS. This is an extremely flexible area of focus, so expect the unexpected.


Satire will spice the stew. Honestly, we're all really wasting our lives playing Runescape, so sometimes it may be worth pointing out the absurdity of it.


The OSRS community is...special. While we can't hope to cover everything that people find a way to care about, if we have a decent or unique take on something you can find it here.

Expect a lot of spiciness here as well.

History and Lore

It can be easy to forget just how huge Gielinor is. It turns out there's a lot of interesting stuff in the dialogues we all spacebar through.

Why are these ruins here? Why is Elvarg so easy to kill? The list goes on; there's a lot to explore.

This could also include the history of the game. Remember when people bursted rock lobsters??? Runescape runs on nostalgia, so let's tap into some of the good stuff.

Of course, this list does not pretend to be exhaustive, nor can I make any promises about scheduled content at this point. I'm just gonna wing it, and write what I feel like writing.

Also, if you want to contribute your own content, send me a message on Reddit and we'll get in touch.

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